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Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

Bottrop Kustom Kulture 2011, Part 1, Bikes....

Mike, Otto and KK
Jokers new creation...fine!

..Flakekings Shovel
....Speedmonsters Pan
....absolutely Pan from Italy


  1. This bike is from LOVECYCLES- Jeremiah, man, and the actual owner lives in luxemburg, where it is registrated...jeremiah rode to Sweden with this borrowed bike...

    It was a great pleasure to meet you in person at the show.

    Look at the FTW Germany ( http://www.ftwgermany.blogspot.com ), there´s a photo from you and your wive talkin´with me...

    It was nice to meet you.

    See ya

    Butcher / 1000 HILLS RUN